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Featured Projects

Larchmont | Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc

Larchmont Apartments (Asheville, NC)

Larchmont Apartments, a LEED certified apartment community located in downtown Asheville, NC posed many construction challenges due to site location and size. Three buildings, consisting of poured concrete walls ranging in height from 6 to 22 feet, were constructed. Chapin Concrete worked with the General Contractor, Architects, Engineers, Independent Testing Labs, and Suppliers to construct a foundation meeting LEED standards. Key components of this project performed by Chapin Concrete included footings, poured foundation walls, slabs, waterproofing and drains.

Hammock Bay | Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc

Hammock Bay (Lexington,SC)

Hammock Bay, a gated lake living community located on Lake Murray near Lexington, SC included over 40 poured basement foundations, basement slabs, waterproofing, drain systems, a clubhouse foundation, sidewalks, and two water features. Over 8,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured.

Brodie Mill Pond Dam | Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc

Brodie Mill Pond Dam (Batesburg Leesville, SC)

Brodie Mill Pond dam, a structure dating back to the Civil War, was reconstructed using poured concrete walls and base slabs that tied into the original stacked stone sides of the dam. After a cofferdam was constructed by the site contractor, Chapin Concrete formed and poured toe down footings, a 250 cubic yard base slab, concrete walls, and sealed holes in the original wing walls of the dam. The job contained over 18 tons of rebar and more than 350 cubic yards of concrete.