Mt. Vernon, Iowa – Some of the concrete foundations constructed in the state of South Carolina will once again be produced by the state’s only CFA-certified foundation company, Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc., a company based out of Chapin, South Carolina. “Certified Residential Foundation Company” is a program rating that offers third-party quality assurance for professional concrete foundation companies. This program rating was established by the Concrete Foundations Association (www.cfaconcretepros.org), an organization headquartered in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

Recognizing the need for a national program to establish a consistent base of knowledge and quality assurance for the cast-in-place concrete foundation industry, the Concrete Foundations Association™ of North America created the Certified Residential Foundation Company program over a decade ago. The program currently recognizes certified companies in the states of Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and, once again, South Carolina.

“The Certified Foundation Company program continues to elevate companies that choose one of the most professional paths for demonstrating their quality, craftsmanship, and commitment to the marketplace,” stated Jim Baty, Executive Director for the CFA. “The evolving program builds on the technical requirements of the Certified Residential Foundation Technician that is offered through the American Concrete Institute.”

Introduced in 2007, the technician program established a grueling examination of a company’s knowledge base in regards to their understanding of the codes and standards that make up the minimum requirements for today’s residential concrete foundations. However, having a person on staff (or multiple project managers) who knows the important code document sections was only a start to formally recognizing a concrete company’s competency. The industry needed a recognizable standard for how quality foundation companies should operate.

Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc., established in 2012, has stepped out to be recognized for the excellence they produce, having been a division of Ashmore Concrete Contractors Inc. up until now.

The company recognized that, in this aggressively growing economy, one of the clearest ways to show commitment to excellence and industry leadership is to be credentialed in the major segments of the industry’s services. Chris Marra, vice president for the company, became an ACI/CFA Certified Foundation Technician during a recent World of Concrete event. “The obvious next step for us to take was to pursue this company being recognized as a CFA Certified Foundation Company,” said Marra. “Chapin carries a lot of pride as we service our customers, and we want them to know our level of commitment to employing top-skill laborers as well as maintaining the strongest business practices.”

When the CFA’s certification program for companies first began, South Carolina saw an early market leader set the pace — Action Concrete Contractors, who are no longer serving the market. “Chapin has entered the landscape of concrete construction in the southeast that few can match,” said Baty. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to evaluate their credentials and now represent them to the marketplace.”

Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc. is proud to be able to hold a strong place in the southeast construction landscape. “We know the commitment to becoming certified is a combination of our statement to the marketplace as well as to the potential workforce,” said Marra. “We hope every potential hire that walks into our office recognizes the value this establishes for their commitment to the process.”

For more information on Chapin Concrete Contractors, Inc., please contact Chris Marra at 803-575-1036 or visit their website at www.chapinconcreteinc.com.

For more information on the CFA, please contact James Baty, executive director, at 319-895-6940, email him at [email protected], or visit the Association’s website at www.cfaconcretepros.org, where the complete list of active companies and the program requirements can be found.

For more information on the American Concrete Institute and their individual certification programs, visit their website at www.concrete.org.

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